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art portal difficulties!

2012-12-10 03:35:55 by nakedwalrus

can anyone tell me why the submit art page isn't letting me upload art?


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2012-12-11 03:26:55

Seems to be happening to a few people. Some have had success by changing browsers, resaving and/or renaming their file... and some say that putting the file in a different location on their hard drive helps.

If you try all of that and still have trouble, try posting in one of the many threads in Wi/Ht (or make a new one).

Good luck!

(Updated ) nakedwalrus responds:

thanks for the help miss I was able to upload it after doing everything you said


2013-02-07 23:24:29

To me it was the same a few weeks ago Log in HotMail and reads the message from Newgrounds And You Click The Link Promer And yet registered, it then!

nakedwalrus responds:

yeah It takes me like 15 minutes just to upload a piece because I gotta be constantly changing the name of the file and move it from place to place till it finally uploads